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Don’t ask me what I’m doin,

my excuse is that I’m young.

Don’t ask me where I’m goin

when there’s shit that ain’t been done.

Don’t tell me the skies the limit

when there’s foot prints on the moon.

Don’t tell me I can’t make it,

I’ll show you what  I’m made of.

You walk I swag.

You jerk I dougie.

You believe I Belieb.

You’re cool I’m Epic.

You say shorty I say Shawty.

You say lets go I say Leggo.

You say alright I say Ight.

You say hey I say Aye.

You’re obsessed I’m dedicated.

You’re a fan I’m a Belieber. ♥

we’re a family of 25million.

we run the world with Justin.

we’ll be there forever.

#FamilySwag #WeGoHard ♥

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